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2023 Anaesthesia
and Pain Management Webinar Series

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Choosing your premedication
Feb 6, 8pm
Management of intraoperative anaesthetic complications
Apr 3, 8pm
Anaesthesia and cardiac disease
Jun 15, 8pm
Anaesthesia and renal disease
Aug 24, 8pm
Acute pain management
Oct 23, 8pm
Chronic pain management
Dec 4, 8pm
Single webinar $45, Webinar package $200 
Online webinars provide easy access training
Clinically focused and practical training
Each session 45-60 mins, followed by Q&A
Structured CPD points (one hour / point per session)
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Prefer to have the webinar series provided exclusively to your practice?
Choose a time that suits all your staff, with content tailored to your own clinic's needs, with your own Q&A (unlimited participants).
$500 per webinar. Additional topics available
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