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Our Services

Pain Management Services


Pain management consultations involve full assessment of your pet's current pain condition. We are able to devise an individual pain management plan for your pet including recommendations for supportive therapy, optimal medication regimes and interventional pain procedures. 


Prescription pain medications are almost always a core component of successful pain management. We offer the knowledge and ability to prescribe acute and chronic pain medications that are not standard therapy. 


Just like human pain clinics our animal pain clinic offers interventional pain procedures. This involves the injection of pain relieving medications directly to or around the painful area (nerves, joint or other). 

We offer three types of procedures:

  • Long acting nerve blocks

  • Intraarticular (into the joint) 

  • Nerve ablation (destruction) 

These procedures can greatly improve pain conditions, quality of life and reduce oral medications required. 

Sydney Animal Pain Clinic is a Specialist veterinary service for the management of; 

- Acute (short term) pain conditions

- Chronic (long term) pain conditions 

Our services can be accessed via:

- Referral from another veterinarian 

- Directly by a pet owner

We operate through several referral hospitals in Sydney. Contact us to find your nearest location. 

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