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Anaesthesia Services 

Online Consultation

An online Anaesthesia case review and report involves full assessment the patient's medical history and upcoming anaesthesia requirement. We provide a review of anaesthestic considerations and drug recommendations. 

Mobile Anaesthesia Services

We provide mobile anaesthesia services to veterinary practices in Sydney, enabling veterinarians to offer this added service to their clients. We work with your own veterinary team to ensure your advanced anaesthetic cases get the best care possible while undergoing surgery in your practice.


Education is a core component of our speciliast service. Webinars are available through our website. We offer several in-clinc and online training (CPD) courses. These courses provide clinically relevant training to help your entire team optimise their anaesthesia practice on a day to day basis. 

Sydney Animal Anaesthesia is a Specialist veterinary support service for referring veterinarians. Veterinary Anaesthesia is a core part of veterinary practice. We aim to support referring veterinarians to optimise their veterinary anaesthesia practice through consultation and education. 

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