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Information for Pet Owners

Further information/book in

Please complete our contact form, or if you prefer you can email us directly at

Location for our services

We operate in several major referral hospitals, and as a mobile service to veterinary hospitals in Sydney. 

What to expect after booking in?

If you are enquiring for help with Anaesthesia for your pet, we will work with your pet's primary veterinarian to discuss options. We offer veterinarians both online consultations and mobile anaesthesia services, and we can determine the best option for your pet. 

If you are enquiring about help with Pain Management for your pet we will contact you to arrange a suitable time and location to see your pet. We ask that you complete our Client Registration Form and Pain Assessment Form (dog or cat) prior to you first consultation. 

What to expect at your first Pain Clinic consultation? 

Appointments are 90 minutes long. We will discuss your pet's history and current pain condition. After performing a physical examination on your pet we will discuss the pain management options available and develop a pain management plan. 

We ask that all pets come to the first consult with an empty stomach (no food for a minimum of six hours prior - with free access to water at all times). This is because if your pet's pain management plan includes pain management procedures we often perform them the same day. 

After the first appointment

If you pet has undergone sedation, then you can expect them to be sleepy for the rest of the day. We ask that your pet be kept quiet for the next three days with short leash walks only. 

Your pet's response to the pain management plan will be individual and vary with the different prescription medications and procedures performed. We expect all patients to show some improvement within the first week. 

How often should your pet be seen?

​Ongoing management will depend on each individual animal. Standard procedures such as long-acting injections for osteoarthritis are typically repeated once every three months. 

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